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Monday, 5 March 2012

Fan of the Week - Timi Sosan - Life at Hereward for an international student

My name is Timi Sosan and here is my story on how I started my journey at Hereward College.

I felt really nervous when I first started in Hereward. In my first year, I was unsure of how to treat people and respect their opinions because I was born in a different background in Nigeria and the culture is quite different.

I have now achieved lots of independence staying at Hereward and I feel staff members have really helped with guiding me in the right directions like knowing where to go at the right time and also ensuring I am up on time for my lessons.

I feel more confident since my two years at Hereward , I am now a member of the PeerSupport Team and I am using my skills to help other students by talking to them when they are upset and also showing them who to communicate better to different members of staff like the mentors, care staff and tutors in order for them to get as much as possible from the college experience

Because of what I have learnt at Hereward, such as behaviour to both student and staff, I feel this will benefit me in different ways in the future.

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