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Monday, 28 May 2012

Fan of the Week - David Gaggini - Business and ICT

When I came to Hereward College 18 months ago I was very quiet and did not know what to expect. I knew a lot about IT but I did not know a lot about the hardware part of the computer.

I have learnt a lot about the inside of a computer and how to download software and how to install hardware. I have also learnt about health and safety and COSHH and moving and handling. 

I am working on NVQ Customer Service course in order to develop my communication and my social skills. I also deal with money for the Credit Union. I will be completing the Level 1 Diploma in IT Practitioners at the end of June.

Next year I want to do level 2 IT Practitioners and another Customer Service course and also level 2 Maths.

My aspirations are to become an IT technician or to work in a call centre.
I like  Hereward College for the variety of courses to choose from and the fact that you are treated more like an adult which encourages me to become more independent.

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