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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Fan of the Week - James Stewart - What I've managed to achieve

When I first started Hereward, 19 weeks ago I was very nervous, I didn’t know where I go and didn’t know where places were. My skills were that I knew that I was good at IT and had some useful knowledge.

 In classes I have learnt more ways to make websites and different ways to set up websites and hyperlinking pieces of work to websites using ‘Dreamweaver’. With Mandy and Julie, and Jo Meaton, we went through training so that we were able to lift pieces of equipment. We were also given the opportunity to deploy laptops to staff. I completed 2 units on PSD for Julie. I have finished both Dida courseworks for Simon and Mandy. Next year, i would like to move up to level 2.  

For the future, I would like to work in the IT industry and get a full time job in a office working with IT. If it is to do with producing powerpoints or making Word documents, I feel I would be good at this. 

What has been good about Hereward, is that you are treated like a young adult and treated with the respect like a young adult. The other good thing about Hereward is that you are able to chose from a wide range of courses, the course are all good. All the enablers and teachers are good as they allow me to be more independent when doing work, if I do something wrong they will just say go back and change this.

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