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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Martin Bamber - My Life at Hereward College

Who am i?

My name is Martin Bamber and I am a student at Hereward College. I am currently studying a BTEC National Diploma in I.T Practitioners and a subsidiary diploma in business studies.
I am originally from Preston hence I sound funny but now live in Coventry where I have two cockatiels (Sunny and Ricoh) as well as a guinea pig called gyro who likes to chew everything including brand new laptop chargers.

College life

If I’m honest I’m pretty new to Hereward. I’d visited from time to time  but now I’m a student I can honestly say I’ve experienced the what it’s like to be a student here and have made many friends.
Originally I studied in mainstream schools and colleges but struggled as all the work was piled on me and was required within a set time which I found was difficult to keep up to date with as I had multiple assignments. As for being a Hereward I can honestly say that the lecturers have given the assignments but have set it out in sections and lessons.
I have only been here 6 months but have somehow either joined or roped myself into activitues which are very useful to both myself and the college. I myself have a very creative mind and have found that many of the activities such as the breakfast buzz and the employability activity have required me to design graphical posters  which has helped me boost both my ability and my confidence when working with others.
Originally when I came to Hereward I knew 2 people my girlfriend and another friend who was returning to Hereward at the same time if I’m honest my main goal was to focus on my work and not have a social life in college  but  unfortunately wasn’t possible as the people I have met are such lovely people to talk to and spend time with and I have found some of the greatest friends I have known and wouldn’t change them for anything.
I can truthfully say that I struggled with confidence due to reasons such as bullying or people being judgmental towards me. But can say with a big smile on my face that I am slowly gaining the confidence that I lost over the years.


Around 5 years ago I left Coventry which caused me to leave my job and college so I had no way of getting my degree but when I moved to Bristol I spoke to my dad and discussed how I was feeling and he suggested that I go back to college and get the degree that I needed as I would get further on in life so used my dad’s words of guidance for my motivation and I’m glad I did.
Apart from the friends I have met I can say the best part of my course is the subject I am learning and the respect I gain off the teachers. Some of the topics I have learnt I already possess the knowledge but at the same time I have managed to also learn some new things on my road to learning and I agree that the saying “You learn something new every day” is true I can prove it I learnt today I’m writing this article for the blog.

My Future plans

I have not finished my course yet and I still have a year and a half to go but my main goal after this course is to go and get a job that supports a higher apprenticeship as I am over the standard age for an apprenticeship I any one asked me about the course I would tell them that it is a really good course to do and that the staff who teach the units are great and you can have a laugh with them,
As stated before I have only been here 6 months but can say that by coming to Hereward College I made the right choice and I’m proud of the decision I made.

thank you to the staff and students who have given me the respect and support for the time I have been here.

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